Michael Scriven

Faster Forward Fund

Michael Scriven

3F is open for business and applications for the next round of funding are due September 15, 2016!  
Please visit FasterForwardFund.org for full details!

The Faster Forward Fund has been set up with the specific purpose of advancing the practice and profession of evaluation by providing financial resources to support certain approaches within the evaluation field:

To develop ideas that show promise for significantly accelerating (not merely advancing) the theory or practice of evaluation, giving particular support to highly original, revolutionary, maverick, or 'out of the box' ideas that are often dismissed as long-shots, and special weighting to those proposals likely to benefit people(s) with serious unmet needs, whether physical, social, economic, educational, or political.

The Faster Forward Fund is set up as a Donor Advised Fund through the Marin Community Foundation.  This fund is overseen by the FFF Advisory Committee, which includes over 25 senior scholars and administrators who specialize in evaluation, including numerous former presidents of the American Evaluation Association. This group of individuals is responsible for overseeing the solicitation, review and recommendation of grant applications and will have significant overall input to the Fund and it's future. Details for last year's application for funding are here.

Please send your suggestions, comments or criticisms to: FasterForwardFund@gmail.com; we welcome your ideas and support.